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Analysis and insight into trends
in money and banking, and their impact
on the world's leading economies

Videos of the 2017 Institute of International Monetary Research/Institute of Economic Affairs conference: Has financial regulation gone too far and do banks need all the extra capital?

Solvency regulation in Britain (Lessons from history)

Forrest Capie and Geoffrey Wood


Money in theory and in practice

Brandon Davies

Bank recapitalisation: effects on UK banks

Professor Tim Congdon

On bank capital in the USA: Kashkari v. Dimon

James Ferguson

Are the Basel rules anti-American?

Michael Krimminger

Should the central bank be a bank at all?

Dr Juan CastaƱeda

Are smaller banks safer than big banks?

Marco Schwartz

What is the right level of banks' capital/asset ratio?

Thomas Huertas

On financial regulation and asset prices

Bill Robinson

The state of play of ECB monetary policy

David Marsh

On domestic bank regulation and international authorities

Rosa Lastra

The great economist, John Maynard Keynes, said in his celebrated 1923 Tract on Monetary Reform, that changes in the value of money 'have produced in the past, and are producing now, the vastest social consequences, because, when the value of money changes, it does not change equally for all persons and for all purposes...[I]nflation and deflation alike...has inflicted great injuries'.