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in money and banking, and their impact
on the world's leading economies

2016 Videos - archive

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Professor Tim Congdon, Chairman of the Institute of International Monetary Research on the IIMR mission and the prospects for the UK economy in 2016


Professor Tim Congdon: Why was QE necessary in late 2008 and 2009?

Professor Tim Congdon on inflation and asset prices

The Great Recession 

Debunking the myth 


Dr Juan CastaƱeda, Director of the IIMR, on the projects of the IIMR for 2016

The great economist, John Maynard Keynes, said in his celebrated 1923 Tract on Monetary Reform, that changes in the value of money 'have produced in the past, and are producing now, the vastest social consequences, because, when the value of money changes, it does not change equally for all persons and for all purposes...[I]nflation and deflation alike...has inflicted great injuries'.