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20th February 2019:

Our Director, Dr Juan Castaneda, has written an article for today's City AM entitled "The Eurozone's push for unified fiscal discipline is doomed to fail". You can read the full article here.

28th October 2018:

Following the announcement of the appointment of our Director, Dr Juan Castaneda, to the Institute of Economic Affairs' Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (SMPC), which also includes our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon, we intend from now on to publish the minutes of the SMPC's monthly meetings. Here is a link to the minutes of the October 16th meeting.

8th October 2018:

We are very pleased to announce that our Director, Dr Juan Castaneda, has been appointed a member of the Institute of Economic Affairs' Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (SMPC), jointly chaired by Dr Andrew Lilico (Europe Economics) and Trevor Williams (Derby University). The SMPC is a group of independent economists which meets every term since 1997 to both monitor the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee's decisions and to make recommendations of its own on monetary policy decisions. Our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon, is also a member of the SMPC and has supported it and contributed to its debates. You can find more about the group and its latest minutes here

5th October 2018:

Juan Castaneda and Alessandro Roselli were invited by the Monetary History Group based in London to present a paper  on 'A measurement of asymmetry in the running of the classical gold standard'. Slides available here

4th April 2018:

IIMR announces collaboration with Bank of Georgia University

Juan Castaneda, Director and Mohga Bassim, Associate Director of the IIMR will be providing a professional course and a one day conference to the staff and students of the Bank of Georgia University. The topics will include money and monetary policy, research techniques and finance and development.To find out what we can offer contact us at

4th April - New short courses brochure

Details of the short courses offered by the Institute of International Monetary Research can be found in our new brochure, which you can download by clicking on the image to the right.

21st February 2018: 

The IIMR is delighted to announce the new members of its Academic Advisory Council:-

Geoffrey Wood (The University of Buckingham)

Forrest Capie (Cass Business School)

Charles Goodhart (FMG, The London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE)

Neil Record (Record Currency Management)

David Marsh (OMFIF Foundation)

Michael Oliver ( Open University and Global Partnership Family Offices)

Pedro Schwartz  Fundación Rafael del Pino)

Maria Nieto (Bank of Spain)

Steve Hanke (The Johns Hopkins University)

Ryland Thomas (Bank of England)

Diego Zuluaga (Cato Institute)

Brandon Davies (former member of Barclays Capital)

Gabriel Stein (Stein Brothers)

26th October 2017: An article appeared in CityAM, co-authored by our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon and our Director, Dr Juan Castañeda, The article, entitled 'Tighter bank regulation won't stop boom and bust, but it will damage growth and prosperity', touched on themes which will be familiar to anyone who has followed the work of the Institute.  

In particular it mentioned how the tightening of bank regulation from October 2008, especially the increases in banks' minimum capital-to-asset ratios, caused banks to shed risk assets and so led to the destruction of money balances. The resulting drop in the rate of money growth - and even outright declines in the quantity of money in some countries in 2009 and 2010 - aggravated the downturn in demand, output and employment, and it was the consequent severity of the cyclical setback that justified its characterisation as "the Great Recession". In short, officialdom's actions to check the recession had the effect of making it worse.

You can read the article by pressing this link

9th August 2017: Our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon, published an article in the Daily Telegraph pointing out that mistakes by regulators were the main reason that the Great Recession was so severe. As Professor Congdon rightly points out:-

"If the Bank of England had been more flexible in the early stages of the crisis, and if officialdom had taken action in autumn 2008 to boost the quantity of money rather than focussing so obsessively on bank capital, the worst of the UK's Great Recession could have been avoided. In their determination to punish the bankers for their actual or alleged sins, top central bankers and regulators forgot the importance of the quantity of money to macroeconomic conditions"

You can read more here

13th April 2017: Our Director, Juan Castañeda's, was quoted in an article published by S&P Global Market Intelligence about the allegations of the rigging of the LIBOR (London Interbank Overnight Rate) in 2008.

"Our monetary system is purely based on trust and the record and effectiveness of the BoE and the rest of the banking sector," said Dr. Castañeda. "The alleged pressure of the government and the BoE to keep LIBOR rates artificially low back in the autumn of 2008.....erodes the sound functioning of markets and the formation of interest rates, which are key signals for households and companies in planning their decisions."

You can read the full article here

16th March 2017: Our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon, co-authored an op-ed on the subject of bank capitalisation in the Wall Street Journal with Professor Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins University

You can read Professor Congdon's summary of the article here

26th January 2017: Prospectus now available for our new MSc in Money, Banking and Central Banking, which starts in September

See here for more details about an unique MSc programme in the UK

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January 2017: Dr Juan Castañeda  interviewed on the subject of publicly-owned central banks

Our Director, Dr Juan Castañeda,  was interviewed by Jennifer Laidlaw (Standard and Poor's) about publicly traded central banks.Read more......

September 2016: Dr Juan Castañeda 's Bundesbank visit

Dr Juan Castañeda, Director of the IIMR, recently visited (July 2016) the Deutsche Bundesbank University in Hachenburg

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January 2016: Press release on the appointment of Dr. Juan Castañeda as the Director of the Institute of International Monetary Research

Dr. Juan Castañeda is to become the first full-time Director of the Institute of International Monetary Research in January 2016.

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