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Analysis and insight into trends
in money and banking, and their impact
on the world's leading economies

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The IIMR team is available to speak on a wide range of economic, monetary and banking topics for keynote addresses, business speeches, conferences and corporate events either in the UK or abroad. We particularly focus on central bank roles and policies and on the effects of changes in the amount of money on prices (both asset and CPI prices) and the overall economy. For more information on topics and speakers contact us at or 0044 (0) 1280 827524

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The great economist, John Maynard Keynes, said in his celebrated 1923 Tract on Monetary Reform, that changes in the value of money 'have produced in the past, and are producing now, the vastest social consequences, because, when the value of money changes, it does not change equally for all persons and for all purposes...[I]nflation and deflation alike...has inflicted great injuries'.